Shayna Rattler


Shayna Rattler has earned her distinction as the Corporate Attraction Coach™ by empowering thousands of minority and women business owners (MWBEs) over a 10+-year business career. As a coach, consultant, speaker and author, Shayna has developed and taught tried-and-true strategies, which have enabled MWBEs and corporations to connect and prosper together, resulting in hundreds of key partnerships and millions of dollars in profits.

Small businesses and corporations have a common desire to work together and can accomplish great synergistic results by doing so effectively. However, finding the right partnerships is often challenging for business owners as well as corporations. Helping the two sides connect and improve performance is where Shayna’s gifts truly shine.

Shayna has created a business with a simple mission: to transform the way diverse business enterprises and corporations interact and collaborate. She does this not only by empowering and assisting MWBEs in finding larger companies with which to partner and assisting corporations in their efforts to find the suppliers and influencers that are a good match, but also by training participants on both sides to be better prepared for a successful partnership.

Shayna has previously served in the capacity of Director of Corporate Partnerships for Lisa Nichols/Motivating the Masses. She has been featured in multiple major media outlets and was chosen as the 2012 Woman of the Year for her industry by the National Association for Professional Women.

She is an instructor in the Steve Harvey School of Business Acceleration.