Zakiya Mills-Francois


Zakiya Mills-Francois is a multi-talented soul-driven entrepreneur, recognized among her peers (and mentors) as being insightful and ahead of the curve.

At just 36 years of age, Zakiya has already emerged as the powerhouse behind several successful brands and approaches life with a sense of purpose, hope, optimism and future-mindedness. In addition to managing her eight registered companies that are part of the ZM Group of Companies, she spends most of her business time coaching and consulting Caribbean entrepreneurs, so that they too can build their own successful and sustainable businesses.

Prior to launching full time in her business in 2012, Zakiya spent over a decade in the public, manufacturing and energy sectors in various leadership roles. She’s also seasoned in marketing, branding, PR, corporate communications, protocol, crisis communications and events management.

Since 2000, Zakiya has been featured in the newspapers, radio and television programmes in Trinidad and Tobago either for her various accomplishments or as a spokesperson for the companies she represented.

Her first book Uncovering You: Guide to Living the Life of Your Dreams was published in December 2016. It guides readers through her proven strategies to move from a life of adversity to one of purpose, prosperity and success. You will be inspired to BE MORE, WANT MORE and DO MORE in your career, life and business after reading Uncovering You.

Zakiya is a lifelong learner who is qualified in the areas in which she teaches, coaches and consults. As a UK trained and certified Image Consultant and Professional Development Coach, Zakiya work with men and women who are ready to gain more power, authority and confidence to create greater results in their career, life and business.

She’s also a certified Personal and Executive Coach with the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute in Atlanta. Her Image Management and Professional Development Programmes help her clients uplevel their appearance, behavior and communication skills and propel them to their next level of success.

As a US trained and certified Trichologist (hair, hair loss and scalp specialist), Zakiya and her team help men, women and children with their hair and scalp problems.

Zakiya is a graduate of the Steve Harvey School of Business Acceleration – Class of 2016.